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Christmas is a time of year that has come to mean different things to different people but often, it’s a difficult time.
Getting through Christmas is stressful for many of us, with the money and people pressures that it can bring. However we feel about Christmas, we are surrounded by it.
In this course we will support each other to look at how we may be affected by the different aspects of the festival, including: values, money, relationships, loss, food and drink and facing a New Year. Throughout the workshop we will work on making our own personal plan to help see us through.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Cheltenham Campus

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Knowing a bit more about how we learn can increase your confidence when trying to learn new things.  This course will help you understand what makes it easiest for you to learn.
You will come away with your own set of tips for making learning easier contained in a personal learning book to help you plan for your next course.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Cheltenham Campus

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Food can affect our mood and mental wellbeing.  This course will help you to identify foods that nourish your body and soul.  We will develop an understanding about nutrition, good health and energy, and explore how we can best achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  The course will help you develop more awareness of why, when and what you eat, and how to change your habits, manage your cravings and add nutrients that can support more positive daily moods.


Mind Recovery College™ Cheltenham campus

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What leads people to feel like there is no alternative? What can we learn about it? Why are we so scared to talk about it? How do we talk about it? Come along to this course to discuss some of these questions and more.


Mind Recovery College™ Cheltenham Campus

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