Senior Management

Dianne Hardy

Dianne has more than 30 years' experience as a teacher and educator. She has been involved in the development of many different ways to learn. Her mental health experience includes personal experience of depression and anxiety in her early life and supporting others who experience significant mental distress in their lives. She is passionate about the possibilties that come when people are treated with respect and given the chance to foster their strengths.

Dianne is the Director of Mind Recovery CollegeTM

Operations Manager

Amy Scott

Amy believes in the power of education, self-discovery, kindness and that ultimately change is possible. Prior to becoming the Operations Manager of the Mind Recovery College™, Amy had seven years’ experience managing projects, operations and service design across both the education and community sectors, in the UK and Australia.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Cheltenham

Anton Anagnostou

Anton’s experiential knowledge in mental health motivated him to explore and contribute to improve mental health and wellbeing of people. He believes that by choosing, challenging and eventually changing the environment around us and our beliefs, new life and reality can emerge and come into being. Anton has worked with the Personal Helpers & Mentors Program as a Recovery Mentor supporting participants in their recovery journey.  Anton’s lived experience inspired him to design and deliver a range of prevention & recovery oriented workshops through which he promotes self-care, self-awareness, hope, choice and empowerment.

Emma Higgins

Emma has worked in the Mental Health Sector and Education for last 10 years. Emma has a diploma in Mental Health Sciences, Masters in Sociology and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy.  Emma is passionate about recovery and her work is informed by her own personal experiences and a strong conviction that anything is possible if you hold hope, have support and hold dreams and goals to inspire you.  Emma has lived and worked in many different countries, and these experiences have informed her work with people, and confirm her belief in the capacity for people to transform their lives despite their challenges.

Sue Belmore

Sue loves learning new things. Her professional life has been extremely diverse, having worked in a number of different countries and has enjoyed the challenges and diversity of many cultures she has worked alongside. Sue believes it is the fact someone believes in you and can hold the hope for you that can make the difference.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Nunawading

Tracey Windsor

Tracey Windsor is passionate about the importance of lived experience and peer support. She has worked for Mind as a Community Mental Health Practitioner – Peer Practitioner and is now a teacher at the college. In all her work Tracey utilises her own lived experience of mental ill-health. She strongly believes in a respectful and shared recovery focused approach. Tracey has experience facilitating discussions on many aspects of mental health recovery such as goal setting, knowing your own values and strategies around self-care.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Wangaratta/Benalla/Wodonga

Kim Salter

Kim believes in the joy and wellbeing inherent in every person. As Learning and Development Consultant at MRC, Wangaratta campus, Kim is looking forward to using her educational background and experience in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds to facilitate people in claiming responsibility for their own wellbeing, leading them to a more joyful and purposeful way of living.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Bendigo

Sue Hinton

Sue is a learning and development consultant at the Bendigo campus. Sue has a Bachelor of Education and spent many years as a primary school teacher before becoming a teaching and learning coach. She worked in public schools in the United Arab Emirates for two years and has established an educational consultancy business with her husband. Sue experienced major depression and anxiety a number of times in her life and firmly believes in the power of self-belief, empowerment and strong relationships as tools for recovery.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Gippsland

Melanie Simpson

Melanie has worked and studied in community services and education for 19 years in a variety of roles including residential services, youth work, education, family mediation, career guidance, counselling, community development, mental health, dual diagnosis and group programs. Melanie draws upon her professional and personal life experiences as a facilitator. She is passionate about the college and the opportunities it provides for our Gippsland community.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM South Australia (Mile End, Glynde)

Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess provides inspiration to her students through her lived experience of mental ill-health. Part of her recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) included helping others, which led her to the teaching profession. Sarah is a nutritionist, qualified adult education teacher and hatha yoga teacher. Yoga has also supported her in recovering from bulimia and is a core principle in keeping her balanced when it comes to being a teacher, wife and mother. She is also studying a Masters in Occupational Therapy, and has recently returned from living and volunteering in Fiji for sometime.

Adam Spiller

Adam has a diverse teaching background with spells in the military (Physical Training Teacher), training Police Officers and as a Teacher Educator within adult education. His recovery from personal loss and PTSD included helping others within his teaching role, in addition to practising mindfulness meditation and physical education. Adam believes in the capacity for people to transform their lives despite their challenges, and the importance of a collaborative approach when helping people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. With this in mind, he is very much looking forward to helping people at the Mind Recovery College.

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