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Adonis Maglis

is a registered teacher with 25 years’ experience working in the welfare sector providing education, advocacy, support and referral services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. He specialises in the area of family and relationships and provides culturally inclusive and cross cultural training. His personal experience with depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, chronic illness, migration, divorce, death of a partner and grief has led him to develop special interests in the area of mental health, support and recovery. For Adonis, recovery means to be mindful and aware of himself, others and his environment, and live in the space between the moment that expires and the one that is about to eventuate.

Anthony Foster

was a senior finance executive and worked in a variety of multicultural environments within Australia and overseas. Twelve years ago he was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and stress and advised that he would never work again.This prompted him to find alternative ways in which he could recover his life. He explored philosophies from both east and west, became a Zen mindfulness student and progressed to being a mindfulness master.

Anton Anagnostou

knowledge in mental health motivated him to explore and contribute to improve mental health and wellbeing of people. He believes that by choosing, challenging and eventually changing the environment around us and our beliefs, new life and reality can emerge and come into being. Anton has worked in various roles in the field supporting participants in their recovery journey. Anton’s lived experience inspired him to design and deliver a range of prevention and recovery oriented workshops through which he promotes self care, self awareness, hope, choice and empowerment.  

Andreis Mision

Andreis Mision has had a diverse career ranging from technical writing to award-winning filmmaking, surviving the advertising industry and running his own business. Lived experience and recovery from mental health issues have allowed Andreis to assist fellow sufferers in the community with their own recovery journeys, leading to a recent career change as a mental health practitioner. Through the healing, empowering nature of recovery, self-education, and deeper understanding of the self, Andreis believes one is capable of turning life around into one of meaning, purpose and sincere gratitude for every single moment. From there all roads lead home.

Clare Andrews

has embraced learning and research to assist in her own recovery from anxiety, depression and associated issues. In the process she has attained a BA in Psychology and Sociology as well as a wealth of knowledge on a broad range of subjects. She strongly believes that in sharing the information, insights and struggles from her journey and studies, she not only helps others but helps herself stay on the road to recovery.

Emma Higgins

is driven by a desire to offer hope, influence change, and live authentically with compassion and a generous heart. Emma has worked in the mental health sector for several years and brings her own lived experience and education to courses at the college. Her areas of expertise and interest include depression, anxiety, food and mood, creative writing, and physical health. Emma enjoys the outdoors and is a keen kayaker. She has travelled widely and says ‘never underestimate the healing power of travel, laughter, music and dance’.

Janet Galer

Janet has worked as a trainer/assessor for the last ten years, delivering training to people from a wide range of backgrounds. Janet has qualifications in counselling and community work.

Katey Bereny

has an academic background in Adult Education, as well as Public Health, Rural Health, and Social Science. She is passionate about learning as a lifelong journey, and the ways in which it helps us to grow and develop ourselves. Katey has previously worked in Correctional Education, taught at university, and worked in a variety of other sectors. She has a lived experience of anxiety and depression and has supported family members with mental illness, and tries to talk openly about mental health as a way of breaking down barriers and stigmas surrounding access to learning and recovery. Katey also enjoys trail running with her dog and spending time in nature as a way of maintaining her own wellbeing

Kim Salter

believes in the joy and wellbeing inherent in every person. As learning and development consultant at Mind Recovery College™, Wangaratta campus, Kim is looking forward to using her educational background and experience in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds to facilitate people in claiming responsibility for their own wellbeing, leading them to a more joyful and purposeful way of living.

Linda Massa

Linda is currently working for Mind as an outreach Community Mental Health Practitioner with the ICSP program. She brings her knowledge of supporting clients with their recovery goals to the role.  Linda has degrees in Social Work and Legal Studies.  She believes that it is important for individuals to be given every opportunity to assist in their journey.

Maree McLellan

Maree McLellan holds a Certifivate IV in Mental Health and has a passion for sharing her valuable personal experience. ‘In the past’, Maree says, ‘my mental illness and my perception of it has acted as a barrier to achieving and trying out new things. I now believe that self-perception can be changed for the good.

Melanie Simpson

has worked and studied in community services and education for 19 years in a variety of roles including residential services, youth work, education, family mediation, career guidance, counselling, community development, mental health, dual diagnosis and group programs. Melanie draws upon her professional and personal life experiences as a facilitator. She is passionate about the college and the opportunities it provides for our Gippsland community.

Pierre Uri

Pierre is currently employed as a Community Mental Health Practitioner and Family Engagement Worker with Mind Australia. Pierre is passionate about developing capable role models in the community and improving the health and wellbeing of carers within a family context. Pierre has gained extensive experience assisting: young people recovering from a mental illness and carers who care for young people with mental health concerns.

Sonja Geissman

Sonja has worked in the mental health sector since 2014. She has undergone her own personal recovery journey and has found that it is uniquely individual and through her experience she knows that recovery is possible. Sonja now is able to share her experience and inspire others through her work as both a peer worker at Mind and sessional facilitator at Mind Recovery College™.

Stacy Clark

brings her own unique story of lived experience and shares her knowledge with passion as a qualified trainer and studies within mental health peer work. Having a personal background and professional experience around gender diversity and transgender matters including self-belief and acceptance, she has a passion for helping others find their own level of self-awareness, belief and development.

Sue Belmore

has worked as a mental health consultant for the past five years. Previously program manager for Voices Vic, she has worked extensively with voice hearers and works as an independent consultant to mental health services. She actively works with mental health services across Melbourne providing advice on consumer engagement and the role of peer work. Her particular area of focus is working with people who have unusual sensory experiences, in particular hearing voices.

Vanessa Prentice

Vanessa is a trained life coach with over ten years experience helping individuals achieve positive change in their lives. She also has a lived experience of mental illness. She believes everyone has an 'inner coach' and enjoys teaching people how to tap into that wisdom and use life coaching and planning tools in their recovery journey.


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