This course is a must for anyone who is interested in what the NDIS will provide for people with mental health related disability and how to prepare for your NDIS planning session. We will also cover what you can do if you don’t qualify for the scheme.

As the course progresses we will explore what your life is like now and how you would like it to change in the future. You’ll understand how with an NDIS plan you will be able to pursue your passions and dreams and develop your creativity to live a life of meaning and purpose. This course will also help health professionals, friends, family, and carers to understand what the NDIS is and how it can support positive change for someone living with mental health related disability.


Mind Recovery CollegeTM Glynde Campus

19 Glynburn Road

Glynde, South Australia


Monday 30 April,

This course runs weekly for three (3) sessions from 1:00-4:00 pm



Please enrol in this course before you turn up. Click here to enrol. 

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