What is Mind Recovery CollegeTM?

Mind Recovery CollegeTM is where real people with real life experience share what works for good mental health. 

Our teachers are people who have learned from their own first-hand experiences of mental distress, 'mental illness', madness - whatever you want to call it.

Some are qualified educators and trainers, with extensive experience in facilitating group learning. Others are first-time teachers, supported by our team to design courses based on what they've learned in life.

This is a very different experience to anything you've encountered in mental health services before.  At Mind Recovery CollegeTM you get to be a student, learning real-life skills for a better life.  

Check out our Courses page for more information about what's coming up near you. 

Who is it for? 

The College is for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health, with a focus on what we learn from experience rather than the textbook.

Most of our students are people seeking their own mental wellbeing, who are keen to hear what works for other people.  We also have a number of students who support loved ones experiencing mental distress, as well as some mental health professionals who wish to enrich their work.  

At the College we're all students, whatever our reason for being there. 

What does it cost?

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We are very pleased that the Melbourne University evaluation of the college shows that students are finding Mind Recovery College courses very helpful in their recovery and for supporting others.  However, on 30 June 2016 we reached the end of the period supported by our sponsors, the Ian Potter Foundation and Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation. So we now need to increase the fees for our courses to cover the development and deliver costs and allow us to continue to offer them.

Your first session at the college is free so come along and see for yourself what it is all about and how it might be helpful. The cost of the first session will be deducted from the total course fee if you go to a multi session course and want to continue with it.

Mind Recovery College™ welcomes all people, so if you are keen to complete the full course or other courses, but cost is a barrier, please contact our friendly team to discuss your circumstances and options.

For students with a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package that includes centre based group activities, payment of course fees is expected to come out of your support package so mention this when enrolling. People receiving Partners in Recovery support may be able to access flexi funding to cover the course fees.

Please check with your support facilitator before signing up to courses. Where campuses have local sponsorship arrangements in place they may be able to offer free or subsidised places in courses. Look at the local course timetable for more information.



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