The pupil becomes a teacher….

WallMy name is Andre and recently I was invited to participate in the Mind Recovery College as a facilitator in the Food and Mood program.

My whole experience at the Recovery College has been a positive one where I have felt a sense of empowerment that comes with self directed recovery.

All Mind Recovery College Bendigo student Deborah Treacy had to say was that she was feeling nervous about sharing her story, and she was surrounded by supporters. Click here to read more of Deborah's story and how her participation at the Mind Recovery College is assisting with that journey.


This Concept Paper was prepared for Mind Australia by Research, Development and Advocacy Unit

This paper presents the concept for the establishment of the Mind Recovery CollegeTM in the Australian context. Click here to read more

The NSW Mental Health Commission hosted a forum on ‘Open Dialogue’ crisis care. Dr Christopher Gordon and Brenda Miele Soares from the US non-profit organisation Advocates spoke about the results of the evaluation, conducted in partnership with the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, of the use of an Open Dialogue approach to psychiatric crisis care.

The Mental Health Commission of NSW sought the views of consumers, carers, professionals and the community calling for submissions on Mental Illness and Medication. People were invited to  contribute to the consultation process by making submissions online through the MHCNSW website ,via email or by telephone. A report outlining the views expressed has been published and a video featuring consumer and carer views is available at the following links:



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