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Anthony Foster

My name is Anthony Foster and I have come from a senior finance executive background and worked in a variety of multicultural environments within Australia and overseas. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and stress and advised that I would never work again. This prompted me to find alternative ways in which I could recover my life. I explored philosophies from both East and West and became a Zen Mindfulness Student and then progressed to being a Mindfulness Master.  I have taught thousands of people from all walks of life to learn and practice mindfulness. In recent years I have also studied Counseling, Case Management and Community Services and have now fully transitioned my life from the Business World, through depression and into a satisfying new career. I owe all this to Mindfulness Practices.

Anton Anagnostou

Anton Anagnostou is a Mental Health Worker and has been successfully awarded with the Certificate IV in Mental Health. His lived experience was a motivation for him to explore the field and contribute to the wellbeing of people. He believes that by changing the environment around us and our beliefs, new life and reality could emerge and come into being. His experience with spirituality inspired him to manifest his personal evolution and enjoy the journey to recovery from another perspective. In order to be able to provide a holistic approach to people, he has studied several courses including:  Telephone Counselling, Facilitating Adult Learners, Providing e-mental health services, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Food & Nutrition.  

Carly Dober

Carly is an outreach worker in the PHaM’s program and has been working in peer lead services or in a peer role for 3 years. She has a degree in psychology  and a strong advocate for individuals with mental ill health living a full life.

Clare Andrews

Clare Andrews has a degree in Psychology and many years’ experience in community theatre. She has been exploring issues of how food can be medicine to assist her own recovery for some time now and is keen to share these ideas with others.

Janet Galer

Janet has worked as a trainer/assessor for the last ten years, delivering training to people from a wide range of backgrounds. Janet has qualifications in counselling and community work.

Linda Massa

Linda is currently working for Mind as an outreach Community Mental Health Practitioner with the ICSP program. She brings her knowledge of supporting clients with their recovery goals to the role.  Linda has degrees in Social Work and Legal Studies.  She believes that it is important for individuals to be given every opportunity to assist in their journey.

Maree McLellan

Maree McLellan holds a Certifivate IV in Mental Health and has a passion for sharing her valuable personal experience. ‘In the past’, Maree says, ‘my mental illness and my perception of it has acted as a barrier to achieving and trying out new things. I now believe that self-perception can be changed for the good.

Pierre Uri

Pierre is currently employed as a Community Mental Health Practitioner and Family Engagement Worker with Mind Australia. Pierre is passionate about developing capable role models in the community and improving the health and wellbeing of carers within a family context. Pierre has gained extensive experience assisting: young people recovering from a mental illness and carers who care for young people with mental health concerns.

Stacy Clark

Stacy brings her own unique story of lived experience and shares her knowledge with passion as
a qualified trainer and studies within mental health peerwork. Having a personal background and professional
experience around gender diversity and transgender matters including self-belief and acceptance, she has a
passion for helping others find their own level of self-awareness, belief and development.

Sue Belmore

Sue loves learning new things. Her professional life has been extremely diverse, having worked in a number of different countries and has enjoyed the challenges and diversity of many cultures she has worked alongside. Sue believes it is the fact someone believes in you and can hold the hope for you that can make the difference.

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